Squid – Bright Green Field

Tja… Wat moeten we hier nu nog aan toevoegen?

  • NME: A dazzling debut of wild experimentation. An uncompromising debut that fulfils every ounce of the band’s potential.
  • Clash: A fantastic debut album that grapples with the future. It’s surreal, and often sounds wrong, but feels forever right, held together by some internal logic.
  • The Quietus: Throughout, Bright Green Field is a brave and daring debut album that manages to mix experimental and avant-garde influences smack bang next to bouncy indie-disco post-punk motifs. I can’t get over how grand and great it is.
  • DIY: Squid always seemed destined to have an epic album in them, and they’ve delivered just that.
  • Beats Per Minute: What is humanity without hope? And that’s what Squid’s music is full of: humanity and the inherent hope within it. It’s what makes Bright Green Field a joy to return to time and again; the innovative sonic mayhem of their music is both an acknowledgement of the despair of our existence – and a reminder that nobody is alone in feeling it.
  • Loud and quiet: Squid have mutated their trailblazing compound of fast, motoric beats meets spiralling jazz-induced art-punk and repurposed them for wider territories that stay true to Warp’s historic constitution for post-genre music.
  • The line of best fit: A perfect blend of calm and chaos. Consistently affirmed as one of the most exciting new bands around, Squid are finally unleashing Bright Green Field – their first giant step into the world – and it’s a debut for the ages.
  • Newsounds: Despite the band fearing bad reviews on this album, it really is something quite special. If for some reason you weren’t taking Squid seriously, now is the time to start doing so.
  • The Independent: This is proudly shape-shifting, genre-defying music.
  • Dansende Beren: Onze mond viel open toen we de eerste keer “Boy Racers” hoorden. Een argeloos hoekige riff en catchy hook doen de ogen niet meteen hoog optrekken, maar in de tweede helft van het nummer gaan ze opeens full on drone metal. Je leest het goed.
  • Under The Radar: Squid’s relentless boundary pushing brings a sense of exploration and collaboration, a wild joy as if the band are mad scientists bringing a bizarre new creation to life. And this is only the band’s debut.
  • RiotMag: Bright Green Field is a highly diverse and totally engrossing album on which Squid explore to the very edges of their sonic identity. The band have achieved something that many before them have struggled to do: they have expertly hit the sweet spot between honouring their previously established sound and moving forward into new, unchartered territory. And, while it fits perfectly into the current landscape of genre-bending British music, this album definitely manages to find its own, imitable identity.
  • Musikexpres: Sperrig, dystopisch und doch groovend ist der Rock der viel gehypten Band aus Brighton.

Nee, hier is niks aan toe te voegen. Zo kan het dus gaan. Zo sta je gemoedelijk met ze te praten na hun concert in Roodkapje – toegankelijke aardige jongens – en iets meer dan een jaar later verdwijnen ze achter een muur van promotors van een label van naam en faam. Verdiend, maar ook wel weer jammer, eigenlijk.

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